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Mehran Commercial

Mehran Commercial Enterprises was established in 1987 as a small enterprises operating as a specialized manufacturer of Sun visor, Door Trim, Cover Spare Wheel, Cover Shifting Hole, Cover Parking Brake, Trim Compartment Luggage FR, Plastic Parts and Floor Mat.

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We are highly responsive to modern know-how and are making use of best technical standards in our operations.

MCE offers truly innovative and independent design capability with a focus on aesthetics, cost saving, reliability and durability. MCE can also design to your specification and easily comply with size and space restrictions. ISO-certified processes result in nothing less than a smooth integration into the overall design of interior parts.

Using cutting-edge technology, design concepts are thoroughly evaluated before they become reality. MCE prototyping facilities construct production-intent samples, which undergo exhaustive feasibility studies and testing once in the manufacturing stage, all eyes turn to exceeding quality expectations and consistently delivering product on time.

Caring Company

Mehran Commercial Enterprises is a real caring company. It cares for all its stake holders as well as endeavors to fulfill its obligation to auto Industry, the customers and the country.

The company has adopted modern management practices and its management force has traditional and innovative elements, to design, develop and produce.

There is a great emphasis on work values based on trust and team work which forms the corner stone of the management’s plan to create a reliable and efficient Company.

Quality Product

We operate as a vendor to ensure consistency in our operations and quality in production. We are not content to be the best. We want to be even better.

MCE products are creatively designed, quality-made and tested. MCE has earned the highest quality award in the industry and the continued trust of its customers.

The company has shown tremendous consistency in efforts and commitments and has paved the way for better performance. Our highly qualified teams of outstanding people and trained work force are committed to excellence delivering the value and performance.

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