Exploring Amazon Platform

MCE has arranged a presentation on exploring Amazon platform. I really appreciate Mr Siraj Ahmed Khan / CEO & Director Technology of Brand Trust Pakistan for providing the audience an overview of Amazon business model and buyer’s Registration process and requirements in Amazon platform.

He gave presentation on how to become a buyer in Amazon without physical presence in US.

He further explained the possibilities of registering as a buyer in Amazon UK or Amazon UAE to increase the reach of your product. He also highlighted the limitation of regional Amazon portals like you can not do business other than US & Canada if you are registered in Amazon US marketplace. You can serve the UK and Europe customers if you are registered in Amazon UAE.

Three basic features are available

  • 1. Family/ Friend in region who will become member
  • 2. Company Registration yourself
  • 3. Use for test run on contract basis (Short time)

Great idea for new entrepreneurs who will start searching on your product AMAZON for competitors market trend & startup become EXPORTER.

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